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Human Resources Development and Relations

The management of the Company has strong belief in the fact that Human Capital is the most valuable resource and the same can deliver wonders. Keeping in mind the best practices in HR world, the Company creates a competitive environment within its set up to provide an opportunity to individual to perform, excel, set new standards and move on to other target areas.

A regular budgetary allocation of resources is made according to the long term business plan of the Company and each individual member is assigned a specific goal with the specific time line and resource allocation. Performance review at regular interval provides the gap analysis that becomes the basis for identification and fulfilment of the training needs of members.

The achievers are pushed high in the business matrix to shoulder higher deliverable responsibilities. The Company regularly recognises the efforts made by individuals in building the teams and the organisation culture by way of suitable rewards.

The Company strongly believes in building a family environment at work and if attrition rate of employees is any indication, we have an enviable record of retention and grooming of employees. The peak attrition witnessed in last 10 years is less than 5%. The HR team works closely with the members to ensure that mutual expectations are communicated through a transparent two-way channel for overall excellence.

The requisite manpower is available in abundance in otherwise labour intensive textile manufacturing process in nearby locality in view of concentration of industry in this part of the Country.


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