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Marketing, Distribution and Reach

The variety yarns including sewing thread meant for use by industrial users are getting distributed across the country through network of indenting agents and dealers. In the chosen Carded and Combed Cotton Hosiery and other speciality yarns the Company enjoys a huge brand equity built over the period of time through consistent quality at the most competitive terms. The Company helps the customers identify the correct product mix depending upon the natural fibres used in the manufacturing of industrial yarn. The association built with the wider customer base has enabled the Company to export the goods to more than 25 countries with a high customer retentiaon rate. A quantum jump in the proportion of exports is contemplated.

For the fabrics business consisting mainly of 100% cotton poplin for domestic market, the Company has worked around to reduce the lead time by a successful experimentation with a two tier distribution channel, viz. the semi-wholesalers to the retailers, instead of the traditional three tier channel. The Company enjoys a grand brand equity for the chosen products and occupies that national leadership in the organised sector for last 4 decades.


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